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Aluminum Bending, Rolling and Fabricating that’s Easy to Like

From a metals perspective, there’s a lot to like about aluminum.

It’s lighter than steel, but with a powerful strength-to-weight ratio. It’s highly recyclable. Its flexibility allows extrusion into almost any shape.

It’s non-corrosive, too, another important “strength.” Because of this quality, aluminum is regularly used in outdoor equipment and structures: boats, storage tanks, antennas, signage, vehicles and even metal sculptures.

From a metal bending perspective, aluminum can be tricky. It’s “springy.” To achieve a certain radius, the metal usually has to be bent beyond specifications. It’s a delicate process requiring the talents of experienced craftsmen – exactly the professionals who bend, roll and fabricate your products at Max Weiss Company.

Left unused for long periods, raw aluminum can suffer from “age hardening,” which causes it to fail and break. This isn’t a concern at Max Weiss Company – our skilled metal benders work regularly with aluminum, constantly turning over the material inventory.

The many positive qualities of aluminum make it easy to like. When you trust your aluminum metal bending, rolling and fabricating to Max Weiss Company, you’ll find the results, too, are easy to like.

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