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Bringing the Heat, and the Products You Need, With Hot Metal Forming

Sometimes, you just need to bring the heat.

Hot metal forming offers tighter bend radii in high carbon steel, in degrees that might break the material in cold forming. The process, which requires exacting diligence and know-how, also delivers highly-accurate forming, maintenance of thickness, and tremendous finished component strength.

Hot metal forming offers flexibility to create a wide variety of complex parts with tight tolerances. Max Weiss Company is one of just a handful of metal bending and metal rolling companies with the gas forges, and large C-frame presses, needed for hot metal forming.

In fact, we utilize a proprietary method to fabricate hot-formed precision parts. Our unique process provides efficiencies and cost savings to you.

Hot forming and hot metal bending are often used in agriculture, OEM, mining and heavy equipment production.

Hot metal forming hearkens back to the days of blacksmithing which, not coincidentally, are the roots of Max Weiss Company. After seven decades, we’ve perfected the heat, the processes and, most importantly, the products you need.


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