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It is more difficult to bend rectangular tube than round tube. The tighter the bend, the more difficult it is to do correctly. The same holds true for wall thickness: thinner walls are more difficult. Most commonly, rectangular tube is bent either the "hard way" (x-x axis) or the "easy way" (y-y axis). It is usually the case however, that even though more pressure is required to bend a tube the hard way, the resultant curved member is less likely to distort precisely because it is more rigid than a section curved the easy way. Easy way bending more likely will result in the inside diameter becoming somewhat concave.

Our expertise and experience produce excellent quality even with tight-radius, thin-wall rectangular tube bending. Requests for aluminum tube bending has increased in recent years also.

  • Rectangular Tube Bending
  • Round Tube Bending
  • Square Tube Bending
  • HSS (Hollow Structural Steel)

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