Beam Bending Services

Steel beams are the foundation of many projects. Their quality must be absolute. Your weight of expectations should match (figuratively) the weight they’ll be bearing.


The professional, practiced metal benders at Max Weiss Company have been bending beams for decades. This institutional know-how allows us to match your exact project needs, with an accurate estimation of potential shrinkage or deformation.


We bend beams up to 36 inches easy way, as well as 36 inches hard way. Our expertise also minimizes waste from trim, keeping your budget in line.


The many types of beams bent by Max Weiss Company sound like they’re plucked from a bowl of alphabet soup. Our careful, meticulous processes, though, ensure that your results always spell “success.”

Common Beams Bent

  • I-beams, so called because their shape resembles a capital “I,” are also known as S-beams or Junior Beams. Their flanges are tapered for greater strength. They are commonly used in industrial applications, and commercial and residential construction.
  • W-beams resemble I-beams, except for a straight non-tapered flange. Used in all steel construction markets, these beams are also known as “wide flange.”
  • H-beams are usually longer and heavier than I-beams, with longer flanges that resemble a capital “H.” Their webs and flanges are often the same thickness. You’ll find them in commercial and residential construction, bridges, and in heavy machinery bases.
  • S-beams are the same shape as I-beams, save for a sloped section on the inner part of the flange surfaces. Also known as American Standard Beams, they are predominantly used in construction.

The steel beam bending service at Max Weiss Company doesn’t end at the plant doors. We’ll arrange specialized transportation to ship your product anywhere in North America. Our long-established relationships with freight carriers you the best price possible.


Choosing a beam bending vendor is a weighty decision on many levels. Know that, at Max Weiss Company, our singular focus is on supporting your success. Contact speak to our experienced staff and start your project today!