Flexing the Strength to Bend Alloy Steels

If you need strength in materials, alloy steels are your ticket. Alloy steels are regularly used in products that directly lift or tow heavy materials. Strength isn’t just a functional need in these applications. It’s a safety issue, too.


Alloy steels derive this strength from high amounts of carbon. Alloying elements (think: Periodic Table) are added to create specific properties, to meet specific product needs.


The result is a material so strong that it sometimes requires heating – meaning, red hot – before any metal bending, metal rolling or metal fabrication can be started.


This hot metal forming process involves specialized know-how, and lots of experience. With its veteran team of metalworkers, and gas forges and C-frame presses, Max Weiss Company is among a small number of metal bending and rolling companies that can fabricate alloy steels to demanding specifications.


Bring us your exacting needs for tight radii, and precise thickness, in alloy steels. Max Weiss Company has the means, and the expertise, to achieve them. Your finished product will draw strength from our strengths.