Stainless Steel Bending that Cooks Up Quality

Stainless steel can be found in almost any kitchen. Most people’s experience with this strong, non-corrosive material is limited to pots and pans.


From an industrial perspective, stainless steel is common in food production equipment. Its many desirable properties make it a great choice for water technologies, too. Rolled stainless steel is used in handrails, ladders, staircases and even art sculptures.


While stronger than aluminum, stainless steel shares the same “springy” quality that makes it challenging to bend. Its high cost dictates that scrap be absolutely minimized.

The upshot? The people bending, forming and rolling stainless steel have to be artisans, experts who know the material well and how to shape it perfectly. The same holds for those saw-cutting, welding and hole drilling during metal fabrication.


This describes perfectly the knowledgeable, versatile professionals you’ll find at Max Weiss Company - individuals with the training and practice to meet specifications and minimize waste. Your product needs are achieved with careful, meticulous stainless steel bending and fabricating that only experience can deliver.


The craftsmen at Max Weiss Company know stainless steel, and how to mold this unique, durable metal to exacting detail. We’ll keep your project cooking with exacting attention to detail, and a level of quality that you’ll no doubt find tasty.