Aluminum Bending, Rolling and Fabricating

As one of the most common materials used for structural bending, rolling, and fabricating, Aluminum provides a powerful and reliable strength-to-weight ratio compared to most other metals. Lighter than steel, Aluminum is highly recyclable and flexible, allowing extrusion into various shapes.


As a non-corrosive material, it is regularly used for outdoor equipment and structures such as boats, storage tanks, antennas, signage, vehicles and metal sculptures to name a few.

Aluminum Bending & Rolling Capabilities

Max Weiss’s team of experienced craftsmen have the industry knowledge and skill to handle the delicate and often, complex, bending process for aluminum. To avoid our raw aluminum from suffering from “age hardening,” our skilled metal benders work consistently to turn over all aluminum materials.


Premium Offered Aluminum Alloys: 6061-T6 & 6063-T6. For a complete list of all aluminum, capabilities Contact Us today for a custom quote.

Aluminum Bending and Rolling Applications

  • Military
  • Construction
  • Ship Building
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Servicing industries such as furniture, tractor trailer, roofing, frame sections, solar shading, window glazing, and more.

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