Bending, Rolling and Forming Copper with Skill and Caring

Few people, it seems, stop to pick up a penny in the street these days. It might be the only place where copper – which coats the coin – is dismissed.

Copper is one of the oldest metals used by man. Like brass, copper is an attractive material that needs no finishing or maintenance. It doesn’t corrode, either, making it a mainstay of piping in plumbing.


Copper’s electrical conductivity is ideal for busbars. Its deep brown patina provides accent color in handrails and other fixtures. Bending, rolling and forming copper into finished products is far from simple, though.


Copper is soft. It bends easily. Unlike aluminum, it doesn’t “spring” back. Worked by hands lacking sufficient experience and expertise, copper is easily overbent and ruined.


The team at Max Weiss Company doesn’t cop out, though. Our metal-benders are well-practiced in the nuances of copper. Their skills and knowledge guide its forming into the exact radii and dimensions you specify.


The veteran craftsmen at Max Weiss Company personify mankind’s millenniums of experience working with this ancient metal. Your copper bending, rolling and fabrication project is treated with this same reverence. You might never look at a penny the same way again.