Setting the Curve in Excellence for Seven Decades … and Counting

“Humble beginnings” can be an overused term.


Yet use it we will, as it accurately describes the small local blacksmith shop where Max Weiss Company started in 1946.


Seven decades and four generations of family ownership later, Max Weiss Company is a market leader in large metal forming, large rolled structural steel products, and hot-formed and fabricated metal shapes. We’ve set the curve in excellence by forming metals to the tightest radii in the industry, with minimal distortion and maximum consistency. Our value-added services save customers time and money by keeping the entire production process under one roof.


Still, we’ve never forgotten what originally made that small blacksmith shop thrive: the human element. Hiring the best talent, and investing in our personnel, ensures our customers get the best possible quality in every bend and every weld.


The human element carries over into service, too. We never forget that, while our work involves endless blueprints and numbers, we’re really dealing with people. Friendly, responsive customer service is the standard at Max Weiss Company.


Some of our customers have done business with us for decades. We value all our customer relationships tremendously. Their needs drive our company. We never stop striving to exceed their expectations.


At Max Weiss Company, the basic operating principles of service and quality were forged in those humble beginnings back in 1946. They’ve only grown stronger over time … and will always guide us to set the curve in excellence.