Rolling Perfection & Forming Your Success

Perfection isn’t just a goal in structural steel rolling and custom metal forming. It’s a must-have and a no-brainer. Anything less is completely, unquestionably unacceptable.


The expert craftsmen at Max Weiss Company deliver only perfection in angle bending, beam bending (I-beam and wide flange), bulb flat bending, channel bending, tee bending, section rolling, structural rolling, tube rolling, plate rolling and cold-formed extruded aluminum forming.


Accuracy is microscopic. Radius is a flawless circle. Pieces line up and fit - like a glove, only much tighter.


Your product is delivered on time and exactly to spec. And, if we notice something in the blueprints that might interfere with perfection, we’ll say so. Together, we’ll make it right.

Our only goal is your complete satisfaction and perfection is the only way to achieve it.