Bending Carbon Alloy Steel for Maximum Strength and Precision

Carbon steel is the backbone of America, the material that forms skylines, bridges, and endless amazing structures.


“Carbon steel,” though, is a bit of a misnomer. All carbon steel contains some alloys. The types, and amounts, vary based on the steel’s needed properties.


Still, make no mistake: Carbon determines the material’s character – and difficulty of bending, rolling, forming and fabricating.


Carbon adds strength and hardness. The more carbon, the more strength (and less bendability). High-carbon steel is difficult to work with, period.


Max Weiss Company isn’t fazed. Whatever the grade and carbon level of your steel, our skilled, highly-trained production team will bend it to the tightest radius possible, with minimal distortion and maximum consistency.


Maybe it takes a while. Perhaps patience gets tested. Time is just a calculation. If strength begets persistence, the process will emerge victorious … and your exacting needs met.

America wasn’t built overnight. Nor were the materials involved. At Max Weiss Company, we’ve met the challenge of bending carbon alloy steel for decades – and won’t slow down anytime soon.