Bending Brass for Beauty, Value, and Quality

Brass is among the most beautiful metals. Its rich gold-brown patina lends class and elegance to any product.

Like aluminum and copper, brass doesn’t corrode. This characteristic is ideal for marine applications, where it is often used. Brass doesn’t require finishing or maintenance, either. Its dark, shiny hue often graces handrails, doorknobs and other fixtures in homes and offices. Brass is non-sparking, too, making it safe around volatile gases.


These aesthetics and features carry a price, though. Brass is expensive. It’s a fairly soft metal, too, which can pose challenges for bending, rolling and fabrication.


If you’re investing in brass, you need to know that your products will be made to the exact radii, dimensions, and thicknesses specified … and not a hair off. The versatile, practiced production team at Max Weiss Company will deliver, using its extensive experience working with this historic, attractive metal.


Beauty often has a price. Brass is no exception. Max Weiss Company ensures that your brass products are bent to exact specifications, at a quality level you’ll certainly find attractive.