Bending the Metals You Need to Get the Job Done

You’ve heard ads about banks and mortgage companies being equal-opportunity lenders, right? Well, Max Weiss Company is proud of its status as an equal-opportunity metal bender.


The highly-trained, expert metal-benders at Max Weiss Company tackle all metals – no questions asked. Name the metal needed for your project, and our veteran team will bend it to the exact radii and dimensions on your blueprints.


Carbon steel is the most commonly-bent material, due to its widespread use and complete flexibility as a strong, reliable component for construction and OEM purposes. Its varying grades offer a huge variety of options for bending, machining and wear resistance.


But while it’s the most regular game in town, carbon steel certainly isn’t the only metal customized by the thorough, accomplished team at Max Weiss Company. We regularly bend, roll and fabricate these additional metals for an incredible array of uses.

Common Metals We Bend

  • Alloy steels: Used in lifting hooks and eyes, grab bars and U-bolts
  • Aluminum: Used in transportation and storage tanks 
  • Brass: Used in handrails and marine applications 
  • Carbon alloys: Used in general building and construction 
  • Copper: Used in piping, buss bars and railings
  • Sheet metal: Used in agricultural and industrial OEM applications 
  • Stainless steel: Used in food and water technology

If it’s metal, Max Weiss Company will bend it … carefully, precisely, and exactly to your specifications. Unlike financial institutions, we don’t advertise our unique “equal opportunity” status – but our many satisfied customers know it’s how we operate.