The High Cost of Focusing Only on Low Price

Sure, pricing matters when choosing a supplier for steel bending, and rolled/formed and fabricated structural shapes.


Value, though, is a multifaceted quality. You see, true “cost” goes far beyond the numbers on a quote sheet.


Consider the importance of these factors in a steel rolling or fabrication order: speedy, on-time delivery. Accurate, clear production markings that reduce installation time in the field. A central location that reduces freight cost.


Here’s perhaps the most important: Working directly with people who have years of experience in forming and rolling structural shapes, and really understand the scope and requirements of your project. You can’t put a price tag on this type of service … until you don’t receive it, and quickly learn the value of working with someone who ensures things are done right.


The account managers at Max Weiss Company are a big reason why, when you work with us, you’ll enjoy a customer experience like no other. In fact, we call them relationship managers, because their focus is on service that creates – and sustains – long-term relationships.


They’re a big part of Max Weiss Company’s commitment to be your preferred supplier of rolled/formed and fabricated structural shapes.


Our relationship managers have more than 120 years’ cumulative experience. All have spent years on the shop floor bending and forming parts … long before ever selling them. Their knowledge manifests in the questions they’ll ask, the detailed quote you’ll receive, and unwavering attention to every aspect of your project.


We’re a mid-size, family-owned business founded in 1946. Family values are imbued throughout. Chief among them is the importance of building, and constantly strengthening, relationships.


It’s why your order will never be treated like a commodity. It’s why we have logistics people solely dedicated to getting your order to the right place, on time. It’s why we constantly update our equipment with the latest technology. It’s why we continuously train and develop our team, and broaden our steel bending services to better serve you.


Max Weiss Company is a solutions provider. We love tackling unique and specialized needs, and delivering the product to meet them. Our detailed production markings expedite installation. Our Milwaukee location minimizes shipping costs, even to the coasts.


And, we stand by what we do. If a product is not to your specifications, we’ll repair or replace it … or even get on a plane to a job site, no matter how far.

You see, it really is about relationships – specifically, with you. After considering all the costs, we’re confident you’ll choose Max Weiss Company as the preferred partner for all your metal bending, rolling and fabrication needs.


To use our company motto, we’ve been “Setting the Curve in Excellence” for 70+ years … and promise to do so for many, many more.