Going the Extra Step to Ensure a Perfect Product

Tube bending is always a great challenge. One misstep and the material can become misshapen, wrinkle or collapse. It’s why the knowledge and experience of a veteran production team - such as the professionals at Max Weiss Company - are so important to ensure your products are at spec, and on time.


For some unconventional or extreme tube bends, mandrel bending is employed to achieve a blemish-free result.


A piece of precisely-calibrated tooling, called a mandrel, is inserted into the tube to provide extra support during bending. Different tooling sets are required for hollow sections of varying diameters and bending radii.


Once again, Max Weiss Company saves you time (and, in all likelihood, money). Our talented welding and fabrication professionals can create specific, ultra-precise toolings for mandrel bending. No need to search high and low for another vendor to perform this exacting service – with everything under one roof, your project stays on track.


As importantly, your tubes are bent exactly to your needs, and in their original, pristine shape. Mandrel bending by Max Weiss Company delivers these results, courtesy of meticulous metal-benders who have performed the process many times before.


Experience and training matter. The team at Max Weiss Company is up for any metal bending challenge, no matter the time or work needed to get it right.