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Beam and Tube Bending for Wauwatosa Hotel Canopies and Sunshades

Protecting Guests from the Elements

Think about arriving at a Wauwatosa hotel in a rainstorm or other bad conditions. Isn’t it convenient to have a canopy overhead to stay dry while you remove luggage?


Or, consider a Wauwatosa hot summer day spent by a hotel pool, rest area or picnic spot. A sunshade delivers respite from the sun’s hot, burning rays, making relaxing hours even more pleasurable.


Canopies and sunshades are more than attractive architectural features at hotels. They protect people from severe conditions, whether for comfort (staying dry) or health (preventing sunburn). Meanwhile, they add powerful visual elements to hotel building exteriors, or spaces where people gather.


Canopies and sunshades have similar purposes at hotels. They often share a construction element, too: curved metal.


The frameworks of these Wauwatosa structures are often steel tubing or wide-flange beams. Rolling them to their exact:specific dimensions necessitates skill and know-how in tube bending and steel bending, carried out on bending machines calibrated to achieve exact prescribed radii.


It's a combination not easily discovered … except at Max Weiss Company, your one-source solution for precise, on-time wide flange beam bending and pipe bending in Wauwatosa.


Curved canopies pose a special test. Their metal bending often changes direction, with a straight section in the middle and curves on the edges.


Similarly, sunshade parts might be formed at different radii on the same piece, to accommodate the ever-changing angles of the Wauwatosa sun.


Challenging? Sure, but the metal-bending masters at Max Weiss Company take on any beam or pipe bending project. Using state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with years of experience in metal forming, they’ll create a canopy or sunshade framework to perfectly blend with your Wauwatosa hotel building or its outdoor space.


The hotel guests sheltered beneath won’t take notice. They’ll just be happy you have them.


Canopies and sunshades are where functionality joins aesthetics. Both play a crucial role in hotels, and protecting the people who use them.


Contact Max Weiss Company for tube bending and steel fabrication that shields what’s important, and never leaves you feeling drenched or burned.

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