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Forming Quality OEM Parts With Precision Steel Bending and Aluminum Bending for companies in West Granville

Max Weiss does Fabrication of OEM Parts - Steel and AluminumIn the West Granville marketing realm, “original” is golden. Being able to state you originated a product, or created a service, has tremendous cache. Being first, in customers’ minds, often means best.


In the world of OEM parts, “original” isn’t about who’s first. All that matters is who’s best. OEM parts have to be manufactured exactly to specifications. No awards for second place.


When you require perfectly-formed OEM parts for transportation, mining, power generation, shipbuilding, agriculture and a variety of other industries, the curved metal craftsmen at Max Weiss Company are your skilled, trustworthy OEM producer in West Granville. For more than seven decades, we’ve delivered component parts and subassemblies that exceed the most exacting quality specifications.


Our steel bending and metal forming professionals bend metal to extremely strict tolerances. Their know-how, partnered with the most updated metal fabrication equipment, preserves your timeframe and accounting by producing your OEM parts right – the first time and getting them to you in West Granville


Max Weiss does Fabrication of OEM Parts - Steel and AluminumOur OEM parts list reads like a “What’s What” of modern industry: track links and industrial chains for mining equipment. Roof bows of steel, stainless steel and aluminum for semitrailers. Strong, curved support ribs for snowplows. Sturdy bumpers for buses and military equipment. Perfectly-formed bulb flats for bridges, ships or barges. Carefully curved components for generators and portable lighting.


Quality begins before the first piece of metal is ever bent. Our ISO 9001-certified purchasing manager verifies the materials in your OEM parts are up to the job. Our service team, with more than a century of joint experience, directs your production on schedule, and delivery on time to you in West Granville.


What do you require for your formed metal OEM parts? Max Weiss Company delivers unmatched quality and unparalleled value. Contact us for more information … and decide if the experience you have, from quote to delivery, isn’t good enough to be called “original.”


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