As you might recall, a few months ago we welcomed a significant piece of new equipment to Max Weiss Company: the DAVI Angle Roll MCP.


Big, red and incredibly powerful, this mega metal molder can bend huge parts with strict tolerances. It has full CNC machining operations, too.


We were so excited, we made a video to demonstrate its immense capabilities (if you prefer YouTube, watch it here – speaking of which, why not follow our YouTube channel?).


We’re thrilled to announce that our video has gone international – or, at least overseas. DAVI Inc., headquartered in Cesena, Italy, has added the Max Weiss Company video to its web site!


It’s right there (second from left, top row) on the “Automation Video List” page. We’re proud (and flattered) that the DAVI parent company likes the video as much as we do.


The video tells a great story … and we’d love you to personally experience the DAVI’s capabilities! Contact us if you have a challenging metal bending project, or would just like to stop by and see this powerful piece in action. Trust us, you don’t want to try this at home!

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