Remember growing up, and kind of knowing what your dad (or mom) did for a living, but never really being sure?

Well, we don’t want our employees’ kids to live with such uncertainty.

The world of structural steel rolling, bending and fabrication isn’t easy to explain. You kind of have to see it for yourself.

We’re having an open house at our plant Saturday for employees and their families. They’ll see firsthand the often complex machinery involved in construction metal forming and custom metal fabrication.

We’ve got a lot of fun planned with games, tours, food and raffles. Best of all, we know our employees are excited about showing their families where they work, and what they do.  

Two generations of company ownership will participate: Raymond Weiss, the retired second family owner, and Dan Weiss, Ray’s son and our current owner.

We have something else to show off: A newly-fabricated outdoor sign on Bradley Road. Our own steel bar rolling craftsmen made the structural steel frame, and hung the center oval.

Life doesn’t stand still. Families grow and change. We look forward to meeting our employees’ loved ones, and learning about their jobs and lives.

Remember the “uncertainty” part? We aim to make it disappear. Maybe, just maybe, a future employee or two will be among those touring Max Weiss Company Saturday.

Perhaps they’ll point to this day as the moment that inspired them to follow in dad’s or mom’s footsteps. Family legacies all begin somewhere. Truth be told, we wouldn’t be prouder.

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