Another year nears a close … and with it, an opportunity to reflect on the many people and organizations for which all of us at Max Weiss Company are grateful.


Our business, like so many others, depends on relationships. Customers who believe in you. Suppliers who trust you. Vendors who know you.


The importance of personal interactions, and creating long-term engagements with others, is often overlooked in business classes. Yet, these relationships mean everything. Every day we work to strengthen our connection with those we serve, sell to and buy from.


All our employees understand this irreplaceable dynamic. Doing the best work, day in and day out, is the only way to continually reinforce the ties that bind us with our many, many partners.


Merry holiday greetings to all the friends and family of Max Weiss Company! We wish you a joyous season and a happy, healthy new year. We’re blessed to be able to work, share and laugh with you … and hope to do so for many, many more years.


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