Tim Karp really values listening. After all, he speaks a language many don’t understand.

It’s not an exotic dialect requiring a translator. It’s more the subject matter. Listening well, he finds, allows him to better get through to others.


Tim speaks the language of numbers – specifically, accounting. How many people really grasp this profession’s terminology?


As the new Controller at Max Weiss Company, though, we’re thankful he’s fluent in it. Tim largely operates behind the scenes at our metal bending and metal fabrication operation. Yet, his grasp of company finances is beyond essential to daily operations and strategic planning.


One might believe Tim’s job is all about numbers on spreadsheets. Wrong. He’s tasked with providing financial insight and business advice, a role extending past mere figures.


“To effectively communicate and advise the team, I need to understand the financial information and what it means,” he explains.


“I am new to the company and, even though I have financial training and background, the information still needs to be put in the context of the company’s business. This requires me to know the who, what, where, why and how of the financial processes, fabricating business, company philosophy and culture.”


In other words, he’s a big-picture guy. Running all aspects of accounting, as he does for our metal rolling and forming team, requires a total understanding of how everything works. The numbers only tell so much. Grasping why they say what they do is a much harder interpretation.


Then, there’s the matter of explaining it to the non-accountants.

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