Did you ever imagine you’d have a robot as a co-worker?


We didn’t, either. Until he … or she … OK, “it” arrived at our plant two years ago.


Be honest. For many of us growing up, robots were a kind of weird, out-there science fiction concept. At worst, they would invade the Earth and take over. At best, they’d replace every human being at their job.


Neither prospect was ideal. Thank goodness neither panned out. And, since the arrival of our Fab-Pak robotic welding system from Lincoln Electric Automation, we’ve learned that a robot can be a great co-worker.


We’ve put the robot welder through several jobs. By doing the same process over and over, exactly the same, the FANUC Robot ARC Mat 100iC welding robot offers an amazing level of productivity and quality in metal fabrication.


From a management perspective, it’s a godsend. The automated welding unit doesn’t take breaks. Or call in sick. Or go on extended vacations.


It just works, and works, and works. Check out the video to see our mechanized fellow employee in action. Who, even 20 years ago, thought that a welding shop would go high-tech?


Customers have been thrilled. The robotic welder has decreased lead times. Every piece has the exact same weld. Production is more systemized than ever.


We’re excited because our skilled welders are freed up for more challenging tasks. The Fab-Pak handles the repetitive jobs … and seems quite happy to do so.


Overall, our robot co-worker has been a big hit. It’s a far cry from how we thought about “robots” in our youth. Thank goodness we – and the robots – have all progressed.


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