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Building Sparkling Car Washes With Precision Steel Tube Bending and Steel Truss Forming in Hennepin County

You drive into a car wash. Within seconds, water envelops your car or truck. Soap bursts from sources unknown. Brushes rub away. More water sprays. Finally, a blower whisks away the moisture.


If you are going to be designing & building a car wash which required steel bending for a curved roof contact Max Weiss Company.Your vehicle is reborn. You’re pleased.


It occurs fast … and drivers likely don’t glance above to witness the wash’s gently-curved roof, a subdued architectural wonder. Its precisely-bent steel tubing ensures everything lines up for autos to emerge clean, refreshed and reborn and ready to hit the roads in Hennepin County.


The curved roof of a car wash typicallyregularly} contains 16 to 20 rectangular steel tubing members, bent precisely for symmetry of design and functionality of purpose. They guarantee the structural integrity of the building, enduring elements from inside and without.


To accomplish this, each steel tubing piece must be curved perfectly to match the one next to it. Only professionals with immense experience and knowledge in tube bending can do the job in Hennepin County.


You find these curved metal craftsmen at Max Weiss Company, where exact metal forming and metal fabrication has been the standard since 1946. If you’re Hennepin County constructing a car wash, they offer perfection in pipe bending that produces the high-end look you want, and cleaning efficiency that keeps customers returning.


Don’t forget the load-bearing entry and exit rings on the car wash tunnel. Max Weiss Company’s steel bending specialists will bend them to your specific dimensions. Your car wash looks great and stays strong, both coming and going.


Your customers might not pay attention to the structure around them. When building a Hennepin County car wash, though, you’ll know it’s built to last by partnering with Max Weiss Company. Contact them today, and rest assured that everyone will be clean and happy.

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