Architects and building designers love working with rectangular metal tubing. 

Creating that arch, though, is not easy. Unlike bending wide flange beams or S beams, rectangular tube bending and rolling carries a large set of challenges incumbent to its nature.

Angle metals aren’t symmetrical.

They don’t have a true centerline. Instead, a neutral axis controls the angle rolling process.


The goal is to roll in a flat plane – whether leg in, leg out, heel in or heel out. Control of the bend forces must be absolute.

Steel sheet rolling is about ultra-careful bending.

A plate rolling professional focuses on controlling the crown during the sheet rolling process. The thicker the metal, the more force needed.

Wide Flange Beam Bending Needs Precision

Controlling distortion is what it’s all about. A slight miscalculation, or a moment’s slip, can produce ripples in the metal.

Erecting a New Stadium or Arena

If you are building a new stadium or arena & the structure requires bent, rolled or curved or formed steel, call Max Weiss Company. Our state-of-the-art steel fabrication equipment includes two DAVI bender to form, bend, shape & |roll your metal pieces for your new stadium or arena project.

Curves in Arena Construction Projects

If you’re planning a design for an arena project requiring structural steel bending contact Max Weiss Company who has supplied metal fabrication & metal rolling & forming for the construction of dozens of stadium & arena projects.

Car Washes With Precision Steel Tube Bending and Steel Truss Forming

If you are going to be designing & building a car wash that required steel bending for a curved roof contact Max Weiss Company.  With years of experience bending steel tubing & metal forming & fabrication can guarantee the structural integrity of the car wash building.

Attractive and Functional Hotel Canopies and Pool Sunshades

Hotel canopies and sunshades are constructed with curved metal. Frameworks are steel tubing or wide-flange beams. Max Weiss has the expertise in tube bending & steel bending plus all types of metal fabrication needed for a hotel canopy or pool sunshade.

Custom Fabricated Steel & Aluminum OEM Parts

When you need OEM parts; stainless steel & aluminum semitrailers, curved support ribs for snowplows, bumpers for buses & military equipment call Max Weiss.  We’ve been forming & bending OEM parts for industries such as transportation, mining, power generation, shipbuilding & agriculture.

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