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Brown County: Wide Flange Beam Bending

Bending and Rolling Wide Flange Beams With Precision and Control

People in Brown County say “Control” is regularly the gap between success and failure.


Nowhere is this more pronounced than in bending and rolling wide flange beams in Brown County.


Controlling distortion is what really matters. A minor miscalculation, or a moment’s slip, can generate ripples in the metal. The tighter the radius, the more control required.


It’s not a unwarranted concern. Wide flange beam bending is a key part of many types of structural non-residential construction in Brown County: offices, stadiums, canopies, cylindrical tanks, OEM parts and many more.


Lose control, and you’re facing delays, frustration … and expense.


Measuring exactly, especially for tight tolerances, is a must-do. As metal exits the machine, the steel bender has to be alert to react – and grasp how. Undesirable attributes can rapidly appear if the beam isn’t flat, square and true to radius. Control needs to be reasserted – and soon.


Where do you identify the control needed for successful W-beam bending serving businesses in Brown County?


Max Weiss Company is your one-source answer for precise, on-time wide flange beam bending – the tighter the radius, the better. We have unrivaled experience bending 6” x 12# WF beams HW and EW, 10” x 19# WF beams HW and EW, 12” x 19# WF beams HW and EW, and 12” x 79# WF beams HW and EW.


Does your Brown County project need larger sizes? No problem. Max Weiss Company bends 14” x 74# WF beams HW and EW, and 18” x 46# WF beams HW and EW, and 21” x 68# WF beams HW and EW, and 27” x 84# WF beams HW and EW.


Our knowledgeable professionals, using ultra-modern equipment, will take on your most challenging wide flange beam bending and rolling needs.


See, the solution lies in incremental bending. Correct tooling on the flange and web are critical. While a slower process than rolling, incremental bending better controls distortion and deformation, and achieves much tighter radii.


Not all Brown County metal bending companies do incremental bending, though … which means they might not have the capacity to provide what you need.


You’ll never encounter this roadblock with Max Weiss Company. Besides an ultra-precise DAVI rolling machine for larger radius projects, Max Weiss has multiple pieces of proprietary equipment that can achieve unfathomably tight bends.


We bend wide flange beams from 4 inches to 27 inches, both easy way and hard way.


We don’t just bend steel W-beams, either. If your project requires S beam, aluminum or stainless steel bending, our flexible, well-trained craftsman can meet your needs.


Contact Max Weiss Company for all your wide flange beam bending needs. We’ve got the people, equipment and – don’t forget – control to keep your Brown County projects on track.

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