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Rectangular Metal Tube Bending and Rolling that Yields Beautiful Results for Buildings in & around Brown County.

Architects and Brown County building designers love working with rectangular metal tubing.

It’s strong. It holds paint well. It offers dimensional variety to structures.Max Weiss - Bending Retangular Steel Tubing for Buildings


Its visual appeal is enhanced when the tubing is curved into a gentle, supple arch.


Producing that arch, though, is not simple. Unlike bending wide flange beams or S beams, rectangular tube bending and rolling carries a whole set of challenges incumbent to its nature.


Chief is that rectangular metal tubing caves in. It’s a hollow section, don’t forget. The correct equipment, focused by skilled tube bender hands, are required for rectangular tubing to hold its original dimensions, while staying flat or square.


Accurate radius? Oh yeah, there’s that, too.


Max Weiss Company bends HSS tubing, 2” to 20”, all to exact specifications, and without caving or distortion. Whether your Brown County building requires a 4” x 2” x .250 wall, your product will be ready for use.


Larger sizes? OK. How about 14” x 4” x .500 wall. Regardless of size, you can always expect accuracy from Max Weiss Company.


Max Weiss - Bending Retangular Steel Tubing for BuildingsOur rectangular tube bending and rolling experience applies to carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing in Milwaukee, WI but we have our work all over the country and places like Brown County.

The Art of Steel Bending

How? Max Weiss Company uses a proprietary mandrel bender system to hold the tube’s integrity. It’s a piece of equipment you won’t find at any other metal bender. Less scrap adds up to less cost … and more value for you.


Look around. You’ll notice rectangular metal tubing in Brown County buildings, canopies, artwork and elsewhere. Its simple symmetry has its own beauty … which makes it a favorite of those who first idealize the structures.


Contact Max Weiss Company for all your rectangular tube bending, both rectangular and square. You’ll wonder at our careful precision and flawless results. You might even call it a thing of beauty.


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