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Angle Bending and Rolling that Always Takes the Correct Angle

Finding the correct angle is all important in angle bending and rolling.

In short, it’s not a job for newcomers.  That's why businesses all over including Marathon County contact Max Weiss.


Angle metals aren’t symmetrical. They don’t have a true centerline. Instead, a neutral axis controls the angle rolling process.


Hence, the goal is to roll in a flat plane – whether leg in, leg out, heel in or heel out. Control of the bend forces must be absolute.


Skill and expertise – both in large quantities – are the order of the day in angle bending in Milwaukee, WI. An exceptionally keen eye is needed to read the carbon steel during bending, to achieve the targeted radius without distortion.


The skilled metal benders at Max Weiss Company, serving businesses everywhere including Marathon County, have unequaled expertise in, and knowledge of, angle rolling. Our veteran team bends equal and unequal legs from 1” to 8”, including 3” x 2” x 3/16” A36 leg in/leg out.


Why is accurate tooling of angle-rolled pieces so vital? Their end uses often provide strength and stability: duct work flanges, tank stiffeners, pour stops for decking, or countless OEM applications. Accurate bending is vital to the all-important structural integrity.


Max Weiss Company does your angle bending with integrity equaling our 70+ years in business. Whether employing our ultra-precise DAVI rolling machine, or a proprietary piece of bending equipment, your products for your Marathon County metal job will be up to the task.


Contact Max Weiss Company for all your angle bending needs. Where angle rolling is involved, our only angle is your complete satisfaction.

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