How Forming Metal, and Relationships, Go Hand in Hand

Success, regardless of the field or endeavor where it is achieved, is rarely about one person.


It’s almost always driven by teamwork and relationships. Athletes have coaches. Doctors have nurses and assistants. Any manufacturing process involves many, many hands.


It’s no different at Max Weiss Company … and we were thrilled (and flattered) at a recent story in The Fabricator that profiled how strong, lasting relationships have fueled our company’s growth. In particular, the article detailed our partnership with Merrill Steel to supply material for Fiserv Forum, the new downtown Milwaukee arena.


“Merrill and Max Weiss Co. have worked together often; their planners and engineers know each other well. The two organizations working together become seamless, and that’s just what happened when the two collaborated to build the Milwaukee Bucks stadium,” the article states.


The story explained how Max Weiss Company has diversified beyond construction metal forming and steel bar bending into custom metal fabrication. These cutting and welding services are value-adds that save time.


“Besides, cutting, rolling and welding curved sections together make life easier for many of Max Weiss’ customers. Instead of simply receiving rolled sections, the fabricator receives a rolled and welded assembly, all built within specified tolerances, that then can be joined to a larger assembly, either at the customer’s shop or at the construction site,” the article states.


We were honored that the article recognized the complexity of steel bar rolling and bending, a testament to the professionalism and dedication of our great team of beam, tube and pipe benders.


“Rolling a large workpiece can take hours, and trained operators know just how far to push the metal, be it plate, tube, or a structural shape. They perform a sufficient number of rolling passes to ensure the workpiece emerges without wrinkling, twisting, or other distortion. At the same time, they bend it as efficiently as they can, using no more rolling passes than absolutely needed,” the article stated.


It’s nice when an outside observer, especially a trusted industry resource such as The Fabricator, takes time to notice your team’s great work, and the relationships you’ve worked hard to build and sustain. Most importantly, we hope these qualities shine through every time you work with us.

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