As much as we’d love to, we can’t invite thousands of visitors in-person to see the metal forming, plate bending and steel welding processes at Max Weiss Company.


We figured people might be interested, though, in the back story about curved metal they see every day in signs, buildings, bridges and elsewhere. So, we did the next best thing: We visited their houses, through the highly-visual medium of broadcast television.


Brian Kramp of FOX6 WakeUp, a multi-hour morning news program, stopped by to see firsthand the magic behind metal bending. He spent 2+ hours with our team, broadcasting four live segments to thousands of viewers of the local TV station.


Brian said he was unaware that a company specializing in bending metal large and small – including for high-profile projects such as Fiserv Forum – operated nearby. He dove right in, though, showcasing the processes – and, as importantly, the people – that create expertly-curved metal products.


Brian’s live broadcast segments covered a lot of ground:

  • Maurice Santoro-Cataldo bent 3/6” x 18” mild steel sheet on the DAVI MCA 2527 plate roller
  • Antonio Hernandez used the DAVI MCP 32  to bend a structural steel tube section
  • Robert Hernandez bent smaller-diameter steel tubing at the DAVI MCP 9 section roller
  • Phil Steinke guided Brian to lift a 5,000-pound steel rectangular tube, using an overhead crane controlled by a remote pendant.

Brian also recorded a white-hot segment – literally – for web viewing. Tim Spangenberg and Thomas Smays partnered with him to hot-form a  steel plate section. On camera, Brian noted the temperature of the room as 110 degrees!


We were thrilled to welcome Brian to our plant. Any opportunity to showcase metalworking, and the incredibly-skilled people who do it, is time well spent.


After more than seven decades in business, we still love to tell our story … to as many as possible, by new means all the time.




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