It’s been an eventful year at Max Weiss Company. Besides moving key people into new leadership positions, we added an important new component on the production floor!

And, this time, we didn’t even have to dig a hole.


We’ve had so much success with our DAVI Angle Roll MCP, which arrived in December 2016, that we added another piece of equipment from this world-renowned manufacturer of forming equipment.


Meet our new DAVI MCA plate roller, which brings unmatched technology, power and precision to sheet metal rolling. Quite simply, it’s the fastest, most advanced option on the planet.


Like the DAVI Angle Roll MCP, the DAVI MCA plate roller represents a quantum leap in metal bending and forming. Its built-in technology allows Max Weiss Company to offer even faster, more cost-effective customer service in plate rolling.


Similar to our earlier DAVI acquisition, this new DAVI has complete CNC capabilities. Enter a few pieces of information – material type, thickness, width and desired radius – and the computer does the rest. It calculates factors such as springback, unwrapped material length, and trim stock required on each end (check out the video here, and here, and here).


The results? Pieces rolled within an absolute micrometer of accuracy. Faster, smoother production. Less material waste. In other words: win, win, win.


The DAVI MCA rolls plate up to a half-inch thick. If there’s a question whether it can do a job, we run a test on the DAVI iRoll app. Besides watching a cool simulation of the rolling, we get an immediate answer. Translation: time saved, and projects kept on schedule.


The DAVI MCA is monitored constantly by a hyperlink to DAVI’s headquarters in Italy. We’re told immediately of any needed maintenance or adjustments. It’s another way this piece of equipment is always perfectly calibrated, for ultimate plate rolling precision.


Like most other industries, competition is heated in the metal bending, rolling and fabricating world. Thankfully, technology knows no stopping point. We promise to always stay ahead of the curve, to provide you the absolute best service possible … regardless of what the calendar says.

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